ATM Locations - Card Information

North Branch First National Bank of Picayune 721 Cooper Road, Picayune, Mississippi  

West Canal Branch First National Bank of Picayune  208 West Canal, Picayune, Mississippi  

South Branch First National Bank of Picayune 801 Memorial Blvd, Picayune, Mississippi 

Wiggins Southern National Bank of Wiggins  1025 Hall St, Wiggins, Mississippi 

Poplarville Branch First National Bank of Picayune 1720 South Main, Poplarville, Mississippi 

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First National Bank of Picayune ATM Cards

Passport  24 ATM Card  

You may use the automated teller machine (ATM) card and personal identification number (PIN) issued to you to initiate transactions at ATMs of ours, ATMs within the networks identified on your card and such other facilities as we may designate from time to time. You'll want the benefits of this handy card with either savings or checking account. You may use your card to (some of these services may not be available at all ATMs):

  • Deposit funds to your checking account
  • Withdraw cash from your checking account
  • Deposit funds to your savings account
  • Withdraw cash from your savings account
  • Transfer funds between your checking and savings accounts
  • Obtain balance information on your deposit accounts
  • There is no charge for ATM withdrawals at machines owned by First National Bank of Picayune. There is a $2.00 charge for each ATM withdrawal at machines we do not own.

is a combination checkbook and ATM card.
Using your DEBIT MASTERCARD®  is just like paying with a check because the money comes right out of your checking account.  You can use it all over the world, in over 100,000 locations, where ever MASTERCARD® is accepted.